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Tonya Octave

Lesson Two
What are the main teachings noted during the lecture?
A civilization begins to deteriorate because of forgetfulness. This leads to the moral failure of the society. This challenges the beliefs in those who say they want to make the world a better place. However, there should be accountability in how one lives regardless of their career, social status, political ties, and etc. The beginning of the dark ages occurs when Europe requires orthodox religion on a society. This posed a complication for Kemet because the foundation was organized by priest/ priestess. The temple was the center of agriculture (economic development), education, social and political order and religion (spirituality). Sheataut Neter was the foundation of ancient KMT. This civilization lasted centuries and it works. Unlike the challenges and destructive forces, we are facing today in modern society.
How am I implementing the teachings?
I think it is important for me to be mindful of my purpose in all aspects of my life. From the things I purchase, to the food I eat, including what I watch on TV and subscribe to on a daily base. This influences my thoughts and perceptions about the world. Although this is an illusion, and tricks me into thinking a particular way and stirs me away from spirituality.
It is my basic understanding if one follows Sheataut Neter and this is their bases for operating in the world; hen only happiness and real success can be achieved. However, a sage will guide and challenge one’s ego because there are many delusions and ignorance’s that the ego can trick one into thinking and believing. Is this a correct way to understand the parallels in my life to how Ancient KMT was successful?