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A – Take notes on the most important themes you heard
Lesson 1 – Intro to the Egyptian Yoga Book Series, London 2015 & Introduction to Ancient African Civilization (Material studied)

All human beings have been shown genetically to be the descendants of one common ancestor. We are all from the same family…the human family. The race concept is an illusion. It is a concept created by one culture in order to control other cultures.
The purpose of culture is to give you eyeglasses with which you can see the world. Culture=customs & beliefs. If you were to discover who you were beyond culture (transcending culture) then you know Self. All human beings have one underlying desire and that is to know Self.
Everyone is African.

The Sphinx is the most ancient provable monument in the world. Sphinx=Heru in the Horizon.
The Sphinx is a monument to spiritual awareness/spiritual consciousness. The lion body and human head symbolizes someone who has mastered their lower nature and their intellect, or higher nature. The Sphinx looks toward the east. The weight of the stones used in the building of the Sphinx ranged between 2 tons and 50K tons. The symbol of the serpent on the head of the Sphinx means spiritual consciousness has elevated to the level of your mind.

Kamitan culture goes back to 10,000BC. No other culture goes back this far. All other cultures pulled from Kamitan culture.
Civilization = expression of a culture that is beneficial and righteous. There was a break down in the Ancient African civilization because of forgetfulness. This forgetfulness happened over thousands of years. Spiritual awareness wanes when there are no foreign adversaries… no one to test our desire to uphold civilization so society starts to degrade… you start to have more pleasure seeking and greed which leads to further degradation.

The Kamitan Temple was the center for agriculture, education, social/political ethics, and religion. When the temple was shut down by the Romans, all of these categories were affected, causing societal degradation.

The ethical teachings and the PRT M HRU speak of three human needs that must be met in order to create a balanced society. They are:
1)Food (Sustenance)
2)Shelter (Home)
3)Boat (Opportunity) – the capacity to go places, do things, and to grow as a human being.
Kamitan culture was based on what is righteousness…whereas culture today is based on what is greed.

B – Note which one you thought was most important and why

The fact that Kamitan culture dates back to 10,000 BC spoke volumes to me. Because it becomes clear that all cultures definitely had to pull from this culture because it is the oldest. You have the Old Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom (where we started to see a breakdown of civilization due to forgetfulness). There was a period of civilization that lasted 5,000 years before any breakdown occurred (10,000-5,000 considered the pre-dynastic period right?). 5,000 years of no barbarism…Of walking according to principles that provided a sound foundation for a balanced society and for enlightenment within oneself. 5,000 years of education specifically crafted to assist one with mastering the lower and higher natures…and with attaining spiritual enlightenment…with knowing Self. This is most intriguing to me because today, in order to be civil, there are many who NEED the authorities in place. The desire to be civil is not inherent, for some. I want to go back to the ways of the ancients, as their ways gave them thousands of years of civilization.

C – Note any questions you may have
1)I thought the breakdown of civilization happened due to the Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Romans coming in at various times and causing destruction…imposing their understanding on age old principles and insidiously changing the Kamitan way of life. But now in listening to your lecture, it appears that the initial breakdown of civilization had nothing to do with the outsiders, but instead, everything to do with forgetfulness. So, as the Kemetians became more powerful and wealthy, they started to become dull in mind and spirit? Is that right?
2) What does “spiritual consciousness has elevated to the level of your mind” mean? Dr. Ashby stated this when discussing the Sphinx. I would greatly appreciate some elaboration.

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