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L. G. Lopez

Lesson one, three videos
L.G. Lopez

The most important themes I noticed were about ancient African society having been been based on partnerships between the male and female, as well as venerating the matriarchy -not denigrating matriarchy. It shows why we have such horrible problems in today’s societies since that way of thinking and living seems to have been lost.

Also the fact that it’s mentioned about the dangers of exposure to the digital vibrations that are harmful to the planet and all life on the planet.
While it’s been helpful in connecting people and sharing ideas faster and farther than ever – it has also been harmful in promoting bad agendas and used in ways that erase privacy.
The unnatural and negative vibes we are exposed to every day cause so much destruction, yet now we are in a situation where because of a pandemic, we are forced to utilize phones and computers and digital technology much, much more.
Simply unplugging for a little while does not seem like we can still avoid this negativity. I know this practice and our developing our higher selves can help overcome this but the negativity seems so pervasive! Is this just more of a test?

I had other questions but after reading previous posts my questions were answered.
Thank you Sebai Maa Ashby and Karen Dja Ashby for all that you do.