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Asar Maat E

Assessment of the 2020 Neterian Conference Ritual Program

Udja –

The Neterian Conference Ritual program was a unique undertaking in which the ritual committee facilitated reading the screen play from the War of Heru and Set book due to the virtual nature of the conference. The program followed a process necessary to put on the production more so than following technical principles or guidelines for rituals. That said the reading felt ritualistic in its enactment of the deities during the production. The care and intent put into the reading by the participants was nefer. The production was particularly enhanced by the visual powerpoints curated by Bastu Baket. The addition of headdresses and costumes also added to the overall quality of the production. The members of the ritual committee worked extremely well coordinating with each other demonstrating patience and cooperation. It may be useful to consider reviewing the production and editing or recording it to create a reading screenplay. Dua Sebai Maa for the screenplay. Dua Sebai Dja for envisioning the on-screen reading. Dua Hemu for all the effort put forth to create the production.

Asar Maat’s personal experience participating in the ritual production was nefer in that the story of the Asarian Resurrection took on a deeper level of meaning. Watching and participating in the story gave an even more profound understanding and appreciation for the wisdom that the myth has to offer. Being invited to facilitate the Tjef Sema Paut Neteru morning program was also a very nefer personal experience for Asar Maat. Facilitating the TSPN provided an opportunity to study and integrate the myth explicitly in the practice. My understanding of the myth while doing the TSPN practice has helped me to integrate even more of a sense of oneness with the Gods and Goddesses.

Htp Asar Maat