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Bastu Baket


Reflections on the 2020 Neterian Conference
Metaphysics of the Asarian Resurrection

The 2020 NC, highlighting the Myth of the Asarian Resurrection, not only upheld the rich tradition of the ancient Kemetic teachings as it relates to Asar, Aset, and Heru, but also reminded us that we ourselves are capable and responsible for our Redemption and Resurrection of the Soul. This years conference was comprehensive, spiritually uplifting, and entertaining—suitable for all levels of those who practice the Shedy disciplines and teachings of Shetaut Neter.

As a devoted Neterian, the Asarian Resurrection is the most profoundly significant of the teachings of Shetaut Neter. Though this particular myth has certainly been previously covered in past conferences, the added theatrical component, from Sebai Maa’s screenplay The War of Heru and Set, was a highly effective compliment to the lectures on the myth. Most appreciated, from a comprehensive perspective, was the utilization of translations from various sources such as the Metterniche Stele, Stele of Amunmose, in addition to inscriptions from the walls of the Temple of Aset, the Temple of Edfu and the Chester Beatty Papyrus. This also served to demonstrate the timeless longevity of the Mysteries of the Asarian Resurrection.

When it came to the conference itself, I had initial misgivings about the virtual format, concerned about problems of a technical nature, etc. Fortunately technical glitches were minimal, which demonstrated how well organized this conference was planned and prepared. While there is something to be said about communing in person during the yearly conferences that simply cannot be replaced, I found the virtual conference experience to be gratifying in many positive ways. In one such way, I found my level of absorption of the teachings was higher due to fewer distractions. It also challenged me to do my own raw food prep which was an act of added devotion.

Finally, being a participant in the readings of The War of Heru and Set can only be described as a Blessing. Dua Ur to All who participated in that noble endeavor. A longstanding tradition among the Hemu of ancient Kemet, we were able to partake in the revival of the Sacred Ritual of Shetaut Asar…and did it virtually. My only suggestion here would be to begin ritual planning earlier prior to the conference, perhaps as early as the Conference Committee meetings convene, or soon thereafter. This might be helpful in smoothing out potential problems in advance to resolve them with the best possible solutions.


Bastu Heryt