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Anpu Waset


From an egoistic perspective this Conference and the content it provided for me was a wondrous experience on many levels. This is because the virtual conference allowed me to participate in some of the lectures and events. This is because I work 6 days a week every week with little time off. Because of this had the Conference been live I would not have been able to attend any part of it. So I thank the Divine that I was able to participate in some of the Conference activities in a partial way.

Reflections on a Conference Weekend of Uashu!

Devotional Feeling of the Divine permeated throughout every aspect of the Conference that I participated in. One of the ways it did this is because it allowed those who wanted to make an area of their home a sacred space if they hadn’t done so already in a permanent way. While I believe it’s safe to say all of us have a worship area in our homes I think it’s also safe to say that many who participated in the Conference now have an additional sacred space in their home. Tuts/images in many places in one’s living space even when not looked at consciously are seen unconsciously “all” of the time. This type of environment is positive food for the mind by just being around it.


Impressive is the word that comes to mind when I think of the play as performed over the Conference weekend. Especially the level of planning and time it took to prepare this. Rehearsing to do a play in person is not easy. Rehearsing in a virtual setting to perform a play virtually some would say is short of impossible. However, all who participated to make this happen did so in a wonderful way. I recall on Night 1 of the play feeling like I was in Kmt during ancient times watching it knowing what was going to happen but allowing myself to emotionally become the characters I was watching. In short I got to be “all” the characters at the same time! That was soooo Nfr!


Allowing everyone to be part of the Uashu through song, reading, meditation or any other way I may not have mentioned was an added Nfr touch to the Conference! Usually when we are physically together at Conference everyone’s participation devotionally is a joint one usually through song and music. But at this Conference to my knowledge all who wanted to were able to individually participate in a collective way. Nfr Indeed!


And last but certainly not least the lectures and how the lessons assist in our spiritual evolution at this time in the world were as usual Enlightening!

The one thing I would have liked to have seen at the conclusion of the Conference was some type of way to allow the energy or the spirit from it to continue. Years ago when we had the Blog Talk Radio program, different levels of aspirants provided their reflections each show. Everyone who wanted to shared their reflections. Because the show was twice a month by the time Seba Dja and Sebai Maa concluded the reflections it was sometimes April or May the following year. In this way the Conference continued to live even beyond its conclusion. Something like this I think would have been fitting as well this year.

Dua Asr,
Dua Ast,
Dua Hru and all the Neteru,
and of course Dua Sebai Maa, Sebai Dja, Conference Chairs, Hmu & Neterian Family!

Htp Asr