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Tonya Octave

Book Reading: Temple of the Soul, Chapter 1
The first African Religion existed in Egypt. Egyptians migrated to other parts of the world, and due to climate change, environmental barriers stopped migration. These barriers accounted for the creation of different cultures. Another significant point was during the period of colonization. Although there were written and oral traditions left by the Egyptians, some of these writings were destroyed.
Regardless of Ancient Egyptian records being destroyed, this provided a blueprint for African Religion and philosophy. Egyptian mysteries, known as Shetaut Neter, is the mystic philosophy of spiritual awakening for initiated on this path. Shetaut Neter is translated to “Supreme Being” or “Divinity Mysteries.” Unlike other cultures, religions, and spiritual practices, the Sheataut Neter is a guide to improve one’s life towards love and prosperity. There are three parts of the Shetaut Neter: myth, ritual, and mysticism, and the goal are towards spiritual enlightenment. The Egyptian mysteries are divided into the lower and higher realms. The lower realms are for the physical aspects and include education on math, literature, etc. The high realm answers questions such as “Who and I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? What is life? What or who is God?” There is a foundation, and the lower realms (daily operations in the world) provided a basis for understanding the higher realms.
In current civilization, Neterianism was created to identify those initiates who participated in the Egyptian mysteries. A person who engages in these practices is recognized as a Neterian. They are a follower of “Shems.” A follower, or Shems, practices, studies, and directs attention to the leader of the teachings of the Shetaut Neter.
Additional Videos:
There was a reflection on the beliefs and behaviors in how we operate in time and space. This world has been constructed based on egoism, greed, and delusion. There were several examples to reflect on in terms of government, politics, education, and how individuals contribute to this delusion. This is not consistent with the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Maat is truth, and this is reality. This is what satisfies mental health, the path to wisdom.
Supplementary Initiatic Narrative Concept
To address mental health under a psychological initiative. The group will work on connecting Kemetic teachings with mental health. Individuals who are interested were encouraged to work on individual ideas and research. This will help the group have some direction and be prepared to move forward. There was an outline in how to begin the review and ideas for moving forward.
What do I want most in life? I want Nehast, spiritual enlightenment/ awakening.
For what am I truly looking? I am looking for ways to understand the ego and let the ego go. To live in the world in time and space but not to be influenced by worldly distractions.
What is there in life to fulfill my deepest longings, needs, and desire? Shetaut Neter is there to meet my deepest longings. It is a guide, a set of instructions, practices, and ways of being that will support me in answering my soul’s questions. To please the soul.
Divinities (Gods/Goddesses) represent qualities in our personality that we need to control. As one studies these divinities, one will be able to recognize their personality makeup; psychological structure.
In Shetaut Neter, is it essential to have mastery or balance of the lower realms before one is ready to move towards the higher realms? Can one be born into a family/situation/way of being where they begin their physical life at a higher level? I think this may be associated with Ari, but I wanted some clarification.
Based on Shetaut Neter, how do individuals in the lower and higher realms interact with each other, or was there a separation? The Egyptians and Nubians were equal in pictures. How did both groups understand this lower and higher nature?