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Bastu Baket

Review of 2020 Neterian Conference
Bastu Baket Asu Ra


In reviewing the 2020 NC I believe overall it was a very successful experience for all considering the challenges that we needed to attend to moving to a virtual platform. The teachings were conveyed with utmost care and attention and I believe well received by all. Personally the virtual conference allowed for a more relaxed, meditative, reflective experience. No need to physically beat the drum for members to join devotionals or lectures; decorating limited to my personal temple environment; no cleaning up the dining areas or stripping beds etc. While there was no physical Knumt Nefer it was still felt from all.

As for the presentations:
Bastu Akhu, Uab Setna and Seba Dja laid the groundwork with understanding the foundations of Shetaut Neter and Spiritual Myth in a very calm, relaxed and informative manner. This was followed by Sebai Maa’s overview first presentation where he shared how we were going to following what I called a “Tree of Knowledge” with the various sources of scriptures, papyri, temple inscriptions and iconography those being the Amenemose Stele, Chester Beaty Papyrus, Chap. 17 of the PMH, Metterniche Stele, Temples of Asar, Aset and Heru. Funny, I just noticed that there were 7 sources that were cited! 7 being a significant number in Creation and in Kemetic philosophy. I found it striking that this conference theme was the Mysticism of the Asarian Resurrection. The foundation for Kemetic philosophy, teachings and spiritual movement. Remembrance and recollection of who we truly are through this important and Nefer myth. It seemed appropriate for a new format to be blessed with this type of teaching.
Each presentation brought the Asarian Resurrection to life with new perspectives from the various sources and allowed me to see, hear and feel then experience it with a renewed vigor. The importance of Aset (intuitional wisdom) within this myth just brought me ever closer to her. I so appreciated and resonated with the aspect of the “flint.” This was a very new teaching and had me reflecting on Aset being the spark, igniter of our Spiritual Aspiration in a whole new “light” pun intended.

Rituals – The virtual platform presented quite a challenge in the method in which we would perform such a reverent protocol. However, the Heb Arat pre-conference worship and devotional truly set the stage. This well-prepared and most touching in order for the mind and heart to be open to what was to come.
The Clergy were given the assignment of creating a virtual play from Sebai Maa’s book, War of Heru and Set. This was a monumental task acknowledging that we at least had a screenplay but the editing and transforming it into a readable, relatable play had its set of difficulties. Dua Ur to all who had assisted in bringing it to fruition. I hope it was well received in its intent to correlate the daily teachings with a more dramatic effect. As usual I believe having more time for the Clergy to prepare for a ritual will be deeply appreciated.

Dua Asar, Aset and Heru. Dua Sebai Maa, Seba Dja, Dua Hemu, Dua NC committee and ALL!