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Tonya Octave

Lecture One
What are the main teachings noted during the lecture?
There was an introduction to the commercialization of food, education, and culture. For example, the mainstream food diet encourages disease and illness. A second example was the relationship with Greek organization and their philosophical concepts. These concepts originated from Ancient concepts in Egypt (KMT). Another example indicated ideas related to culture in all parts of the world. The belief that the current culture is real; however, our culture is based on egoism. KMT was organized around the spirit and other realms of existence. Besides, the original KMT civilization did not degrade women as expressed in most cultural societies. There was a complement of both male and female, not a superiority belief expressed in current culture.
The first human bones archaeologist discovered was named Lucy. This indicates that all human forms were derived from this ancestor. It is documented the original ancestor left (I believe Ethiopia) around 150,000 BC, moving to KMT and then traveling to the rest of the world. Lucy was the beginning of our civilization. It was concluded that culture had been misunderstood. Most civilizations have destroyed the understanding of culture because of greed and egoism. The purpose of culture is to give a window to reality.
There was a review of the structure of Sphinx/ pyramids/ headdress. This proves that ancient KMT was the original civilization because of the stones. These stones were studied and because of erosion and other environmental factors can determine early civilization. These stones were scientifically dated and revealed they are 374,000 older than reported in history books. These ideas challenge and confirm that what was taught about history was misleading and false.
It is important to know about the true purpose of a civilization. A civilization should be beneficial, righteous, and caring of a society. Therefore, there is no need for jealousy, hatred, or fear of other cultures, religions, or civilizations. We all have the same purpose towards finding the truth.
How am I implementing the teachings?
Lesson one gives a foundation of civilization. This is backed by scientific data. It is important for me to know the parallel of civilization and my own spiritual growth. The foundation of my learning of early history was based on lies and misperceptions. This parallels to my life. The foundation of who I thought I was based on a lie. I am implementing these teachings by trying to find the truth and my purpose.
How do I plan to implement teachings not practiced?
I live in a culture that consistently feeding my ego. There are those temptations of jealousy, hatred, and fear that I experience. One method helpful to me is reading KMT scriptures and philosophy. Although I have been more committed to my practice there are still struggles with me being consistent.
The original bones were dated back to Ethiopia. She was referred to as Lucy. Where can I find information that explains how Lucy existed in the world? Do the scriptures or “true” history explain the creation of the first human body and why she was female?
Where can I find the differences in the meaning of the headdress? This is in relations to the symbolism of the headdress wore by different Gods/Goddesses.
Lecture One Part Two
What are the main teachings noted during the lecture?
The aspirant’s process is to learn and understand what the teacher is educating about KMT spirituality. There should not be argumentation. The aspirant should ask questions reflective of the teachings not to suit one’s ego by contesting the teachings. The teacher will stimulate thought and reflection in the aspirant. The responses of the teacher come in many forms and responses are not a personal attack. There are three levels provided by the teacher depending on where the aspirant is in their understanding of the teachings. Level one responses provide understanding and a discourse with the teacher. Level two provides more understanding which is extensive and intensive. Level three challenges one’s ego more and is unrelenting. The purpose is to promote personality integration, so the ego is adjusted. The purified ego can reflect on those thoughts presented to them which allows the ego to reflected back onto itself. This decreases delusions and ignorance and what emerges is the growth of one’s own egoism. It was stressed in this lecture these are the guidelines for the aspirant and not to discourage one from asking questions. This is a frame for the KMT 101 course. This process is progressive, and the ego may want to jump ahead. The courses have been designed as progressive and support the ego’s integration.
The KMT teaching is progressive which is a parallel to the serpent power. The serpent power is a rising up to the words of higher consciousness. The emotional imbalances of one are a result of wrong thinking. This is a process of consuming oneself and this results in causing yourself suffering. Individuals who struggle with mental balance should get support in other places because these teachings challenge one’s ego. These teachings one needs to have a relatively healthy ego.
How am I implementing the teachings?
I will reflect to explore my understandings of the teachings. Using a journal to collect my thoughts is helpful. Additionally, my understanding at this level is reflective of my ego.
If I experience feelings of harshness or rejection during the teachings, I know it is not personal but to support and challenge the ego. This is about spiritual growth. Furthermore, the feelings of harshness or rejection is an indication of my egoism which supports the teachings and where growth is needed.
To understand more in how the teachings can lead me to understand my purpose.
During lectures I make assumptions (this is reflective of my egoism); my questions are simplistic in nature. How can I think deeper about my questions to support my understanding and still accept at this stage it is driven by my ego?