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Ab Setna

Udja and Dua Unut Anpu for your post. In your presentation on Lesson 14 of Sage Amun Hotep’s dissemination, what I found interesting, among other things, was that it took me to the mind of our Sebai and elicited why we are doing these presentations in the first place. As we go through and go over these various presentations, things that flew over our heads previously, now take up root in our consciousness.
The idea of comforts and luxuries and how we view and interact with them, is somewhat similar in edict, that was shared by Sba Dja not so long ago. When she spoke of ariu, the ariu that we take for granted coming from a family member or associate who may come across as harmless in their speech or even actions. However, if not mindful, it can cause “unconnected” harm to the psyche.
It is interesting that everything we do, to some degree, aims to bring forth a certain level of comfort. Whether it is moving to a better neighborhood, a better school, or even better grades in school, replace a worn out shoe. Comforts seems as a natural process of life. However, what Unut Anpu reiterated out of the lecture, is the wrongful enjoyment of them is the problem and not the thing of itself.
So as it relates to our comforts, this was thought provoking. How about our mental thoughts and mental luxuries? If physical comforts at times can slip pass our frontal defense, what about our mental comforts, things we say and think of ourselves. In a pragmatic way, it is essential that one should do mental stocktaking of our comforts, that we parlay in each and every day. As simple as the breakfast we had this morning, or a stroll in the park. In actuality, the object is not the main culprit, but the arrangement of our minds and how we choose to interpret our reality. It ultimately comes down to the perennial ideal of identity. To identify with that which is eternal, unmoving and abiding!
Dua Unut Anpu for re-invigorating the thought process through your insights and writings! Htp!
Dua Sebai Maa
Dua Sba Dja
Dua Hmu!!!

Ab Stna.