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Sehu Khepera


I thought that the Virtual Neterian Conference was well done with a high degree of organization and efficiency. There was particular attention paid to adhering to the schedule and following the time set aside for each event/lecture. As usual, and understandably so, some programs went over and some minor adjustments were made to the program as the program proceeded. Although it was a virtual program it still felt like a retreat for emersion in to the teaching and long periods of quiet and contemplation on life and Divine nature.

The committee did a wonderful service (job) with energy, devotion, professionalism and purpose. Thus the outcome was a successful program and impactful for the participants. I particularly enjoyed the lecture as usual, in addition, the ritual performance of the myth was particularly joyous and wearing the full masks of the deities (Sobek, Djehuty) certainly has an impact. It offer an avenue to tap in to the energies of the deities in a way I don’t think can be had otherwise, because in wearing a full mask, one taps in to the energy of the animal power but through the prism of the Divine principle expressed through the animal energy in relation to the mythic principle, especially while working with a well worded and organized script that follows the, hero’s journey, as Joseph Campbell would say. And as such, with a well thought out and worded script the journey could be followed and the drama experienced through the character, through their feelings and their energies. So Dua is in order to Sebai Maa, Seba Dja for writing a script that captures the mythic drama of the soul.

I think the conference, overall, went very well, especially considering it was the first time doing a conference on line, but there was lost of practice because we do most all of the programs on line anyway, so it seems like those experiences helped to facilitate the process.

Dua Net, Dua Sobek, Dua Djehuty, Dua HMU