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Sehu Khepera


Unut Anpu’s summary of Sage Amenemopet lesson 14 lecture dissemination is very good. I found it to be detailed and complete while taking the topic/instruction seriously while he took the topic and approach to the assignment seriously..

I think the salient teaching to come out of the lesson was regards to comforts and happiness. It is told in the lecture and can be verified by our own experience that comforts do not lead to abiding happiness. The transitory feelings of release or ephemeral happiness gained from acquiring objects are temporary and superficial mental states. The reason being, as was brought out in the lesson is due to the nature of time and space, its illusoriness and its faculty of changeability due to is illusory nature, thus the though that one can become happy by comforts and objects and things is a delusion.

As Sebai Maa stated in the lecture, “happiness does not come from possessions because everything is illusory.” I particularly liked the example, from the lecture, of the French Revolution (1789BCE) where the wealthy class lost their money, possessions and some, their lives due to the revolt. Therefore, wealth as a means to happiness and stability in the world of space-time is insubstantial and is not stable and due to the changeable nature of mind, changeable nature of space-time; it is not abiding and thus the end result of relying on wealth and possessions for happiness will be disappointment and periods of suffering. This brings to mind the great teaching from the Kybalion:


Thus, the world of duality is a mental construct and thus a dream like phenomena and thus illusory. Therefore, the reality that the world is illusory, is not only brought forth through direct experience but also through philosophical (Ancient Egyptian and other mystical systems) posit substantiated by mystical experience.

Thus, I think this correlate between the illusory nature of the world and the incapacity for objects to bestow abiding peace, happiness and contentment is the MAUT (take a away) from the lecture, and is a great foundational teaching that leads to greater insight and higher consciousness. As SM said in the lecture, “luxuries… distorts the ego personality.” In as such Sage Amenemopet shared a great teaching for every serious spiritual aspirant to reflect upon. As in the lecture it was shared as well that a person who relied on comforts is not a suitable candidate for the initiatory spiritual evolutionary process.

Well done Unut Anpu.

Dua Amenemopet, Sebai Maa, Seba Dja, ALL