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Bastu Akhu

Dua Unut Anpu for your summary of the important theme of luxuries and comforts in Sage Amenemopet Lesson 14 and its impact on the personality and thus spiritual evolution. Ny, living by and being dependent on luxuries and comforts means dependency on the world which is illusory and thus changeable and not abiding and this indeed weakens the personality and cause a deterioration of ethical conscience.

Based on the teachings of Sage Amenemopet, Sebai Maa shared that ethical conscience means “being able to consciously live in balance and on the basis of the recognition of a universal spirit reality. The recognition of a universal spiritual reality as the basis for being able to act on truth instead of acting on falsehood or egoism.”
So, degradation of ethical conscience means the tendency towards what is untrue and thus the incapacity to act on truth (hypocrisy). This is further expounded on in Chap. 16 Vs 11 and referenced as covered in Chap. 11 vs 9 & 10 and so Sage Amenemopet is bringing this to our attention twice.

Chap. 11 vs 9 & 10
9.1 “ au aru f sekher (mdj) f im ankhyu na udja”
10.1 “iu ab (Net) f seha in chat f”
In these verses we see the deeper insights of what actions such as desire of wealth, luxuries etc. leads to, 10.3 “…it is one’s own rejection of the Divine within our heart….that is the Spirit essence within us as if turns away from us within our own personality. So thereby we lose connection with our Divine essence.”
This leads to opaqueness, a veil or medium (egoism, ignorance) that separates us from the Divine, not able to see beyond our ego identity even though the Divine is always present.
Chap. 16 vs. 11
11.1 “ iu f seha imba Neter”
11.3 – “actually, acting in that way (hypocrisy) amounts to the actual turning down/not accepting/turning away from the awareness and immanence of the Divine even while being in the presence of the Divine”
Sebai liken this to light being on but one choosing the darkness by closing their eyes so they can keep their luxuries and comforts. So, Sage Amenemopet advises us to open our eyes, turn towards a “ger” personality, by “menkhing” away the aspects of the personality that is blocking the capacity to be fully aware of divine, in essence to detach and develop indifference, and turn away from the world and thus dependency on it.

Bastu Akhu

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