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Bastu Baket

Reply to Unut Anpu’s Post #21373 For Lesson 14 of Sage Amenemopet Teachings

Dua Unut Anpu for sharing the views that resonated with you during this Lecture. You conveniently laid out for us the differences between “luxuries and comforts” that were expounded upon by Sebai Maa through the teachings of Sage Amenemopet.

Indeed we are to be very cautious with egoistic enjoyment and the lack of understanding of these perceived comforts/luxuries. As Sebai Maa stated, ”trying to live by finery, by luxury is a sure-fire way to cause a dependency on worldly situations, so you cannot be peaceful, you cannot be relaxed without having your luxury items.” This dependency is due to our attachment to these objects of luxury or comfort and we understand that attachments are what will inevitably hold us back in our spiritual development. The teachings of the Temple of Aset speak directly about attachments and the application of Khak-Ab (dispassion and detachment). This was Lady Aset’s first step in her quest to know the name of Ra, so too we must follow her lead.

In reviewing Vs. 10 – “iu f en ach suhu ma k” – “What would be the purpose of a person draping/wrapping themselves with and being enfolded in those fine linens so as to have everyone admiring the (i.e. vanity, conceit, etc as if they were ethical and generous (i.e. putting and external show e.g. hypocrisy,) when in reality it is a facade hiding gluttony, greediness, craving an avarice?” I’m reminded of mummy wrappings encasing us, fettering us, not allowing movement towards our vertical spiritual growth but entrapping us in worldly horizontal movement. By having the “healthy indifference for the desire of luxury” as you stated along with the true understanding of what these luxuries/comforts actually are we can begin to unravel these Khat drapings and progress properly on our spiritual path.

Bastu Baket