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Gerry Jackson Lesson #7

Sema =yoga, Tawi= upper and lower Egypt; is also a reference to the union of the two lungs and the trachea and also to the higher and lower self that leads to non duality.
Colors; red for the male and yellow and white for the female , these are ritualistic
colors and have nothing to do with race, the ancient Egyptians were black and looked like
other africans.
Shedy disicplines are throughout all the SemaTawi traditions. There are 4 disiciplines
in all the teachings 1) study of the teachings
2)listening to the teachings
3) right action, living the teachings
4) meditation on the teachings
There are 4 great truths
1) ” Pa Neter ua ua Neberdjer m Neteru”.. the Neter, the Supreme
Being is one and alone and as Neberdjer manifesting everwhere and in all things,
in the form of god and goddesses.
2) ” an- Maat swy suai Set s-Khemn” : lack of righteousness brings
fetters to the personality and these fetters lead toignorance of the Divine.
3) “s- Uash s-Nafu n saui Set” : devotion to the Divine leads to
freedom from the fetters of Set.
4) “ari- shedy rekh ab m Maakhreu : the practise of the Shedy
disciplines leads to knowing ones self and the Divine. This is called being True
of Speech.
There are many forms of yoga taught through out the world with emphasis being placed on
the physical aspect, esp in the west.( i was suprised to find how many of the postures
taught in Tia Chi class were actually the postures of the Gods and Goddesses without the spirituality of course) in the west it seems they always have to re-invent the wheel and in doing so the very essence of the thing is left out(my opinion) A comment
made by afamous person was ” i dont want it to change my life, just my butt”.
The ultimate goal of yoga is to awaken the spiritual consciousness. Any other use of yoga is a misuse or at least a limited use…the Eastern and African disciplines are
designed to develop and cultivate the internal life force,which transends physicality
and the world itself.
There are 6 types of yoga
1) yoga of wisdom
2) yoga of meditation
3) yoga of selfless action
4) yoga of serpent power
5) yoga of tantric actions
6) yoga of devotion
Tjef Neteru is a system of postures of yoga designed to lead one to True spiritual
awakening. This Ancient Egyptian practise can be dated from 300 B.C.E.-1,580 B.C.E.
and earlier, and the practise was called Sema Paut ( union with the gods and goddesses). This form of yoga was also prsctised in India as Hatha yoga
or Tjef Sema Paut Netereu (movements to promote union with the gods and goddesses)