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Level 1 Lesson 13 Audio Assignment

– What makes Shtaut Ntjr beneficial?
– To attain authentic spiritual fulfilment; rather than, limited physical fulfilment.
– To live a holistic lifestyle; in relation to making the body “green” like (Asir}|.
– To integrate discipline into daily life to attain enlightenment.

– Is purification a prerequisite of Shtaut Ntjr?
– Why do other “religions” not practice this aspect?
– The 5 Ntjru (Asir}| (Soul), (Ast}| (Intellect/ Will), (NbtHut}| (Worldly Desire), (Stx}| (Ego), and (Hur}| (Spiritual Aspiration) are the divine guides to become pure in order to comprehend the transcendental nature of reality in daily life.
– Reality helps to reflect one’s consciousness in ways to comprehend what to fix to become pure.
– Backtracking helps to retrace; in order, to go even further ahead in the spiritual path.
– The meditative practice helps to purify the personality with the devotional practices, as well.
– Seeing the divine in all others help to focus on the divine essence of who one truly is.
– The disciplines are a tool to interact with the world without being affected by egoistic personalities.
– Mastery of self/ CELLf is mastery of the universe/ YOUniverse.

-Everything is in divine timing.

-Detachment keeps one from being egoistically attached to worldly personalities and objects.

– Spiritual discipline must be practiced and applied daily for spiritual qualities to come to fruition.

– How to understand reincarnation?
– The iry (actions/ karma) leads one to their judgement of reincarnation (or not).
– One’s iry becomes revealed when being judged during time in the dwat (astral realm); which, determines one’s fate from the afterlife (based on one’s iryu (actions/ karma)).

– How to balance parenting with spiritual life?
– It could be difficult to teach children the mysteries because you never know who your child will manifest as until they are old enough to self express.
– A community with like minded people could help raise children to have a viable living environment.