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lecture 6
Aspirant Gerry Jackson
Divinity/ creation are one
everything comes from a single point
God and the universe are one and is the very fabric of African religion
A complete religious system will have 3 things
1) myth
3) mysticism
Orthodox religion has myth and ritual but no mysticism therefore the people do not experience the Divine directly’.
Christianity was mystical b/4 the Roman Catholic church and had mant sects,as the catholic church took control many who didnot subscribe to or accept her teachins were
Religion is important for 2 reasons:
1) we are affected by those who believe
2)if we believe anything we are religious
Greek thought is the basis of western philosophy and is the rhetoric of western philosophy,the art of confusion.
There is no darkness like the darkness of ignorance….the darkness of my true nature
falling into all kinds of situations that caused nothing but pain and sorrow.It is a
struggle, but devotion to the Divine is the answer.To have devotion to the Divine will cause the fetters of Set to open up, while devotion to the world will cause pain and sorrow.Devotion (uasha) to the divine means to faithfully do the Shedy disciiplines, to study,reflect and meditate.Listenening to the teachings, doing the rituals, chanting
singing aand danceing living Maat. Meditation is critcal b/c to all of the other disciplines and not do meditayion will negate the rest.
There are 3 realms of existence.
)1 physical: the state that most people are in. thisis the waking state
(2 daut or the astral plane: here is where i dream, in this state i can commune
with the gods and goddesses,sages come to teach and i may see my spiritual preceptor.WOW!! this is the subconscience state.
(3 the causal plane:this plane is where the seed that causes the rest of my
existence to come forth. this is the unconscious level

Part 2
this part of the lecture dwelt with the setting up of the Alter and the meaning of
the actions taken: the position taken and the meaning of the objects on the alter.
in christianity it was a quick prayer in the a.m. , a quick prayer at the end of the day, as i listened and reflected back i thought i reallt spent no time with the Creator
how empty. for me now it is achallenge to sit ,to be still to attempt to meditate,my mind is so filled with the chores i have to do.
The Ancient Kemetic Temple had 3 division seperate
(1 the outer court for the world of mortels, this symbolized that one is aspiring
you want this teaching’
(2 this area was for those initiates, those aspiring for the higher philosophy, those that quailify. Everyone is not allowed to enter even though the door was open
there were Spiritual forces that prevented their enterence
(3 the Holy of Holies, here those that entered were the ones that had pierced the veil of Auset and had b/c enlightened

This has made me realize the sacredness of the Egyptian Religion, i had no idea,
i guess i expected a higher version of what i was already experiencing which was not
giving me any peace at all. As i examine myself i pray to prove worthy