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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Lesson 13
Audio A and B – How to be Successful A Successful Student Cont’d
During this audio, Sebai Maa provides teachings on a few more principles that are important to understand for an aspirant to be successful. The first principle has to do the with understanding teaching process, the second has to do with Aspiration and in Audio B, understanding the importance of being self-reliant. A few important points that stood out related to each of these are below.
The teaching process:
As an Aspirant it is important for me to know that what I am doing when I participate in classes, conferences, etc, I am studying creation, gaining knowledge of the Self, my own being, and these teachings are of the higher mysteries. Participating in these teachings/classes also transcends any other endeavor I can image – a view point that helps me to see and understand the value of these classes.
Shedy is the practice we must engage in in order to penetrate the mysteries so that it may have a transformative effect on my mind.
Another important principle that was taught related to the trinity of the learning/teaching process and metaphorical insight to help understand how the trinity works together. Sebai (M) authentic teacher who knows the teachings well enough and can impart it on the student in a sound manner. In reflecting on this term and its meaning I understood that the masculinity does not apply to the gender of the teacher however it is more so referring to the nature of the role of the teaching; impregnating the student via words/seeds which the student receives and use to create a new life, Sabait: the authentic teachings – the seeds/words being imparted, and the Sebat (F): the student/aspirant, and again not referring to the student’s gender but the functionality of the student is feminine, as we receive the words/seed an create a new way of life.
How am I implementing this: I allow myself to be fed by my teachers within the Temples and within creation because I find that several life experiences, and nature have been teaching me lessons about myself when I allow myself to reflect as well.
The second principle discussed related to aspiration; it is the main thing that drives actions in an individual. As an aspirant/Shems on this particular path it is important for me to understanding of the goals of life. Sebai Maa discussed two goals: spiritual and worldly goals. One of the points made that stood out was, “mental impressions agitate the mind when one puts spiritual goals off, and then will lack the capacity to grow spiritually If one puts worldly goals first. Rather than seeking worldly goals that all eventually come to an end, it is important to have the view that “life is a series of lessons that leads to knowledge that transcends all knowledge – the Discovery of the Divine.” In order to do this, allow aspiration to drive me to purify my thoughts, deeds, and words. I must say reflection helps with this tremendously. Aligning with virtues and living by them also helps this to be a reality because they “reduce worldly distractions.” Virtues also allows me to go after what is real in life which will fill me up with positive impressions.
The final principle discussed was in self-reliance and what stood out to me, and something I have been implement since I decided to walk this path, is to believe in my ability and capacity to learn the teachings and apply them in my day-to-day life via reflection and positive actions daily. One thing that stood out in this section of the lecture was to not look to others for wings to fly on. I am responsible for making myself understand the teachings and I must do the necessary work to purify my physical so that it can carry the energy and be fully aware of the Divine. This is all possible because at my deepest I am one with God too and have the ability to achieve whatever I want in this world. So I believe in my capacity to purify and discover The Divine despite what I may experience or have experienced on my journey thus far.

Sebai Maa went further to explain that the teachings live within and one needs to be purified to find and see it. Lastly, the underlying source is spirit but this is not found in the body because it transcends the body. So, if I am engulfed in The Divine, how should I understand that it is within me. IS this making reference to the Light/Life Force Energy of the Spirit that illuminates within me that allows me to be conscious? This is what I think but just want to make sure.
The meditation practice at this end of this lesson was also very much enjoyable.