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Lesson 1-video 1 /After watching this video, it has enabled me as a new aspirant to have a beginning point to understand Ancient Egyptian history, culture, philosophy and spirituality in succession. It is very helpful and much less confusing when receiving information one desires to know from a basic and organized way. I am currently enjoying and striving to understand the video lessons correctly while simultaneously studying from the book, Egyptian Yoga The Philosophy of Enlightenment. Lesson 1-video 2 – Most amazing is what I have come to understand thus far about Ancient Egyptian civilization. As I watched(more than once)video 2, I was able to understand that this remarkable culture was the first civilization on Earth and not the Greeks or Romans. Neither did they have any prior civilization to model after, but instead became the model for every other civilization. There were other fascinating points also brought out in this video: (1) All people alive today are the descendants of one ancestor regardless of color or appearance. (2) The concept of race is only an illusion created by one culture for the purpose of controlling another. (3) Our Spirit is our higher reality. (4) The fact that the Sphinx is the most ancient known monument in the world. (5) Kemit had religion at least 10,000 years before Christ. (6) The Great Pyramid is at least 374 years older than the Sumerian Culture verifying that Kemit is the oldest Civilization ever. Lesson 1-video 3 – Ethical Guidelines for Aspirants in class: Questions in class should be for the purpose of understanding more on the topic being discussed and not to challenge the teachings because one disagrees with what is being said if it does not coincide with personal opinions or concepts. Ego is to be suppressed as well and purification of mind and soul must be the goal. Barbara A. Crutcher(aspirant)