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Gerry Jackson
This was a very informative lesson chock full of information. It
was very interesting to note the beginings of all the world religions, to find they all
had their start in Egypt, some where I read many of their teachers trained in Egypt.
The religions of Judaism, a group of people that wandered about Mesopotamia, that
formed themselves into what is known as Judah, which is not a race but a religion.
I found that Arab culture should not be mistaken for Islam, also Hebrew culture is not
the same as Judaism
Buddahism , Hinduism , Christianity , in all of these there is evidence of that they have
taken from ancient Egypt (Kemet).
In Christianity as the church fathers began to set up their churches they destroyed as
much of ancient Egypt as they could, taking from her calling it their own, destroying
the churches using the stones to build their own churches, trying to utterly wipe any
memory of the glory that ancient Egypt was out of history. I know war is war and
the oppressor will write history to suit himself, but to totally destroy a people and their
history, culture the way they have done ancient Egypt and continue to do so just blows
my mind. Egypt was the beginning of everything, they gave to the world learning,
mathmatics , astronomy, agriculture, etc
One of the most important , interesting themes I heard was the information on
Neterianism. Neterianism has 6 main traditions. 1) Shetaut Asar- teachings of the
Asarian tradition. 2) Shetaut Anu- teachingsof the Ra tradition. 3)Shetuat Menefer-
teachings of the Ptah tradition 4)Shetaut Waset-teachings of the Amun tradition.
5) Shetaut Netrit- teachings of the Goddess tradition 6) Shetuat Aton -teachings of the Aton tradition.