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Sehu Khepera


Lesson 13 was enjoyable due to the salient teachings that were expressed including the socio-economic issues in juxtaposition to Kemetic high culture and other high cultures.

In Bastu Heryt’s post was very good in that she spoke about some of the nuanced and subtle aspects of mind that were spoken of in the lesson, especially with regards to the mind and ego construct. Indeed, our sage Amenemopet talks about possessions and as Sebai Maa explained, the nuanced dichotomy of possessions of the rich and the poor was delineated to illustrate that all possessions are essentially the same and are derived from the same desiring process of mind.

It was explained in the talk, which Bastu Heryt brought out in her post, the mechanism of the energy of consciousness and its energization process of empowering the mind by working through the mind which in turns empowers the senses, the modes of sense perception. This was a major highlight of the talk as it allows us to understand how the mind functions in relation to the desiring of objects and its association with the unconscious. With regards to this SM gave the parable of the man and the rug in the river which illustrates the power of possessions to possess its desirer. Also, the process of the ego construct was explained, which is very important for us to understand.

Bastu Heryt’s post was a very good synopsis of the lecture and I enjoyed reading it.