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Bastu Akhu

Reply- Bastu Heryt’a Post #21211 – Sage Amenemopet Lesson 13


Dua Bastu Heryt for your reflections on the very important teachings presented in Lesson 13. I appreciated your insights on the major themes presented in the lecture. In chapter 12, the concept of objects and the illusory ego identity was indeed a very important teaching. In reflecting on the internal objects, thoughts, feelings, memories etc., the ego, an object of the mind, which essentially is developed from desires, likes and dislikes etc., is the dentification with thoughts, feelings, the body etc. as the personality’s true identity and as such this faulty perception/function of mind is the ignorance that objectifies through the senses and thus separates/individualize and perpetuates its own existence and the never-ending task of desiring more “objects” externally and internally, and this is what Sage Amenemopet is cautioning us to be aware of and take heed to refrain from as Bastu Heryt indicated. So indeed, to go beyond the mind is to discover the true source that illumines All, including the object called mind and its associated functions/objects.

In chapter 13 & 15 the teaching on selfless service as the key to expansion of conscious awareness beyond the little “ego self” to become a human being instead of an ani mule resonated. I gathered here that in contrast to an ani mule, that carry the burden of “objects”, a true human being is a conduit of the Divine and as such the process of selfless service (non-doer of action) allows the personality to spend more time away from the “little ego self” so much so that eventually it’s illusoriness can be perceived and let go of to abide in truth, the vastness of the Divine.

As such, Lord Djehuty, cosmic mind needs to be actualized, needs to be perceived. This is the higher order of consciousness, that if one is able to access would lead one to perceive beyond ego identity. This Proverb captures my reflection on how this can be achieved.

“Purify the intellect so the mind will not be led astray”

Dua Sebai Maa, Seba Dja and All.

Bastu Akhu