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Level 1- Lesson 13wt- Into to SN Short part 1b Video Assignment

Important Themes:
A. Shtaut Ntr is the most ancient spirituality in religious form.
B. SnUsrt expanded the borders of Kmt.
C. Kmt was already thousands of years old before every other civilization.
D. HurMAxt/ RaHurAxty is related to 10500 B.C.
E. 10,000 B.C. is when the first physical evidence of Ntrism is revealed
F. Asar led a colony to NE Africa; thus, establishing Kmt.
G. The Kmtyu (Egyptians) and Kashtyu (Nubians) are essentially one people; yet, live in different regions of Kmt.
H. The founder of Shtaut Ntr is Lord Xpri; who brought existence into being.
I. Xpri emerged from the waters of Nunu; which, represents vibrational movement in time and space.
J. The waves/ ripples which agitated the waters of Nunu represent the different forms of creational elements.
K. When Xpri stops the journey, existence will turn to its original undifferentiated mode of being.
L. Shtaut Ntr means Hidden Divinty; which, is the spirituality of creation that’s to be discovered within one’s self/ CELLf.
M. Shmsu Ntr is one who’s on the path to discovering the Ntru (cosmic divine principles) within oneself/ CELLf.
N. The Ntru are spiritual teachings created to under-inner-overstand the all encompassing divinity.
O. Shtaut Ntr is a polytheistic monotheism in a sense of worshipping the all of creation and cosmic divine presence of the one sacred essence.
P. Anthropomorphic is the composite (both animal and human) forms of the Ntru. Zoomorphic is the animal forms of the Ntru.
Q. The purpose of life is to achieve divine essence of consciousness apart from bodily concerns; becoming Godlike through subduing the lower nature, thus, awakening the higher self/ CELLf.
R. The west (Duat/ astral realm) is a place of true peace.
S. One should not fear “death”; as, it does not exist and going to the west is bound to happen.
T. Looking for happiness in perishable things will not be abiding.
U. The 3 stages of religion:
1. Myth – Listening
2. Ritual – Reflection
3. Mystical – Meditation
V. Shtaut Asar-Aset-Heru is the most important myth in Shtaut Ntr.
W. Reinacting the myth revives the Ntru within oneself/ CELLf.
x. Nhast (spiritual awakening/ enlightenment) is the goal of Shtaut Ntr.
Y. There are diferent traditions of Shtaut Ntr; which, all when bring one to nhast.
Z. The 4 Great Truths:
1. Pa Ntr wa wau Nbrdjr m Ntru – Supreme Ntr is one and alone as Nbrdjr manifesting as Ntru (cosmic divine principles).
2. An Maat swy sawy St sxmn – Unrighteousness brings fetters to the personality; bringing ignorance of the divine self/ CELLf.
3. Swashu snafu n sawy St – Devotion to the divine gives freedom from the fetters of Set.
4. Iri shdy rx ib m maaxru – Practice of divine discipline leads one to knowing the divine within self/ CELLf; which is called being true of speech.
A2. The different paths of Shtaut Ntr:
1. Anunian Theology
2. MnNfr Theology
3. Asar Resurection
4. Goddess Path
B2. Being led by Heru symbolizes being led by the aspiration of the higher self/ CELLf.
C2. Sma Taui is Egyptian Yoga meaning Union.
D2. Heru and Set represent the higher and lower self/ CELLf and upper and lower Kmt.
E2. Heru and Set are two aspects in one being (the self/ CELLf)

What Was Most Impressive About The Presentation?:
What impressed me most is the extensive gnowledge (gnosis – hidden knowledge/ knowledge – application of truth) within the presentation as a whole. For being an introductory video, it was quite insightful and well presented.