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Bastu Baket

Feedback for Bastu Heryt’s Post #21211 on Lesson 13 of Sage Amenemopet Teachings

Dua Bastu Heryt for bringing key points of this lesson to light. Indeed the burden of “owning objects” is overwhelming and creates negative aryu with the attachment to them by becoming greedy or jealous, lustful etc. You hit on two very important spiritual tools of Khak-Ab (detachment) and Uhau (relinquishment) that together will purify that Aryu so the sharing of one’s blessings will be beneficial to all – Chp. 13 Vs. 11.1 & .3 “Ach {Mdj} hess im mer en remetju” – “It is a glorifying thing to the soul to be loved/praised/revered/honored/like by all the people, family, community and country…”

I appreciated Sebai Maa’s elucidation that we must have the correct thinking of what we should be caring about, caring for and why, with the above Verse 11. It is not glory for glory’s sake but in the context of true self-less service, sharing the Divine’s blessings through righteous actions. There should be no expectations of reciprocity or praise but for one’s own spiritual movement. This was iterated with Sebai Maa stating, “You act in a way that is glorying that leads to your glorification. That should be kept in mind in reference to the teaching of this verse.”

What I also found remarkable in this lesson with Verse 10.1 & .3 was the awareness of the principle of Cosmic Mind, Lord Djehuty, the god of intellect presiding over our mind and to be consciously aware of that rather than just utilizing whatever capacity of intellect to perceive through the ego awareness. Sebai Maa explained, “that there is a higher order of conscious awareness, that most humans are not aware of, not understanding.”

So, when we are not consciously being aware of this higher order of consciousness what are we being aware of? Ego consciousness, that most likely is not purified ego consciousness. Dua to Sage Amenemopet, Sebai Maa and Seba Dja for bringing these teachings so we can be constantly aware of that higher order of consciousness!