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Anpu Waset

Bastu Heryt’s Sage Amenhotep Lesson 13


I enjoyed reading Bastu Heryt’s review of Lesson 13. In it she provided her reflections which chronicled the major points provided in this lesson which discussed “objects” and their effect on people in general and the initiate specifically, and how this effect either leads one to being a human being (Enlightened Personality) or less than that aka ani-mule.

It was interesting to here Sebai Maa classify objects as being both external and internal and including within the classification thoughts, feelings and desires. This was interesting as few it seems see these inanimate things in the same way as things that can be touched or tasted.

It was also interesting hearing in the presentation how the mistaken interaction with objects leads a person to having burdens such as worry and anxiety which people routinely carry and think is normal. This is why Sebai called people like this ani-mules because mules carry things. Hearing this caused the listener to reflect on the areas in one’s life where they may be mistakenly carrying burdens to their spiritual evolutionary detriment.

Dua Bastu Heryt for submitting your review in such a timely way as it provided all of us with ample time to respond to it without having to rush.

Dua Sebai Maa!
Dua Seba Dja!
Dua Hmu for this Good Association!