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Lecture 4

Gerry Jackson

“ Ancient Egypt was a Negro civilization. The history of black Africa will remain
suspended in air and cannot be written correct until African historians dare to connect
it with the history of Egypt in particular, the study of languages, institutions, and so forth, cannot be treated properly; “…(Diop) if we dont understand Kemet as an African
culture we will not understand anything that happened in Africa, with this knowledge
we will understand Africa as a whole. Kemetic culture goes back 5,000-6,000 BCE
making it the oldest in the world. There was the predynastic period (10,500 BCE), the
old kingdom period (5500+BCE to 600 ACE ), the middle kingdom period (3000 BCE)
and the new kingdom period (657BCE-450 ACE.
Forced migrations occurred with the invasions of Syrians, Greeks, Arabs and
Romans, causing the people to move westward., and with this the culture steadily declined.
The Dogon and the Yoruba both say they came from East Africa, both are descendants of the ancient Egyptians, also there are many similarities in their worship.
In the Asarian religion the term Neteru is used for the cosmic forces, the Yoruba use
the name Orisha. Also the Yoruba have a system Osdoads- pairs of opposites, meaning
eight, all leading to the One Universal Spirit .
There are 3 ways of knowing; Taught
Faith ( Heb.11:1, the substance of things hoped
for, the evidence of things not seen) in my ignorance it seemed
to work. And third ,experience the school of hard knocks. Lessons learned here are
seldom forgotten .

I found it very interesting to learn that ancient Egyptian culture and philosophy
is critical to the understanding of world history and spirituality….that it provides a
common ground, literally and figuratively for humanity to come together, if we choose,
for all our roots are in Africa.