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Lecture #13, Sage Amenomope

Part 1 – Reflections

We begin Lecture 13 with verse 9 which instructs us with unequivocally strong assertions from Sage Amenomope. Translated by Sebai Maa, it states: “Do not—stop, refrain from being a repulsive person, greedy about the possessions (objects) belonging to those who are well-to-do.” These words of caution by Sage Amenomope are, in fact, a warning that the possession of objects can lead one to obsession and greed, i.e, “You possess things as things possess you.”

The problem arises out of one believing that a “thing” can bring about fulfillment in the way of happiness, wealth, status, love, etc., when, in fact, this is an illusion of the mind. Lecture 13 dissects the anatomy of objectification in time and space by explaining that the concept of objects, when perceived by the consciousness, creates an energy that empowers the mind and the mind empowers the senses. The ego is a function of the mind and is the source of forming attachments to perceived objects.

The Initiate is concerned with purifying the ego, and any ensuing aryu, thus through khak ab they must let go (uhau) of the illusion of “thing-ness” for abiding “no-thing-ness.” As explained, other key factors expressed in the lecture such as Meditation, serves to separate one from the ego, as well as Maat Ari which helps to purify and redirect one from desiring the possession of objects.

An important aspect that came out of the lecture was—being human does not automatically make one a Human Being. In fact, one can be more animal than human but, as pointed out, animals are not informed by ego. Thus, the human animal, as Sebai Maa expressed, is an “animule” carrying beastly burdens in the way of possessions and various degradations of the personality, leading one away from being human and, ultimately, the Higher Self.

Finally, verses 9-10 informs us of the Cosmic Intellect in the form of Lord Djehuty who sees all. Sage Amenomope illumines that by enjoining the Cosmic Intellect in our personality, we have the capacity to realize our true Self beyond the possession of objects in time and space. This is achieved by combining the Cosmic Intellect with Meditation and Maat Ari, which serves to chisel (Menkh) the personality to perfection, as is guided in the Lecture 13 Teachings of Amenompe.

Part 2 – Question

Humans can exist on a lower level than animals because they are informed by their ego. True or False

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