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Asar Maat E

This response is posted on behalf of Ab Setna Nebi Ra (due to technical difficulties)

Response to Sehu’s Post for Lesson 12

Udja Sehu! Dua for sharing your insights on Lesson 12 of the Sage Amenomope’s discourse on Ethical Behaviour and Inter-relationships. Indeed Sehu, in concurring with the premise of your presentation, would like to share a proverb in supplementing this ideal:
“ Be still and solemn silence keep; then shall God open the way for salvation. Withdraw into thyself and Father-Mother God will come. Throw away the work of the body’s senses and thy Divinity will come to birth; purge from thyself the animal torments, concerns with things of matter.” AEP.
For my person, indeed it is important to avoid such company to the best of one’s ability, what I do find intriguing and a matter for ponderance, is the ‘heated person’ within one psyche. As Sebai intimated, it’s the ariu at the unconscious level of mind that is having the interaction . The physical or conscious level of expression is where its brought into an exploded view. Sba Dja also brought some salient points last evening, with the pronouncement of being wary of ‘everyday’ ariu, the one that occurs that may slip past the conscious mind. The one that one may hear from a spouse, sibling or work colleague, that is normally taken for granted. That may from face value, may not have a negative connotation, however, energetically, cellularly, it is having a subtle effect on the mind.
It is to be duly noted that the Goddess plays a role in where or what one is supposed to turn ones mind to. So in turning the mind away from the things that cause the personality to become ‘heated’, what do we turn our minds to? To what is opposite. The principles that oppose the heated personality, are essentially the principles that adore and pay homage to the Goddess, doing our shedy, service to humanity, seeing the Divine in all, etc. So when we turn away from the heated personality, lets do it with compassionate detachment and understanding.
Dua for commenting on the Henu pose, it was part of our regimen in the past, not so much now. Dua for this exercise Sebai, opened some other rooms for me to peer into. Dua Sebai Maa, Sba Dja, Sehu, Hmu! Htp!