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Asar Maat E

Lesson 12 – Response to Sehu Khepra Ankh Post #21174


Sehu Khepera provides a comprehensive discussion of Sage Amenenope Lesson 12. The lesson covers several chapters and verses pertaining to avoiding heated personalities, being a silent or cool personality, and the Serpent Goddess Arat in contrast to Apophis. A particularly interesting aspect of the teaching was the discussion of Chapter 8 verse 19-20. Sebai Maa described how she is the energy or life force/sekhem behind and operating in the human body destroying ignorance and darkness impurities of the mind raising consciousness. This conceptualization of the goddess and the explanation of the need to celebrate her in jubilation represented by the Henu posture is interesting because it is in contrast to the need to reject Apophis. These opposing forces either work to illuminate the light of Ra or keep one in darkness respectively. It is a powerful reminder of how the integral practice of Shedy helps the personality to turn towards the Divine (Ra) on the physical level via the posture and on the astral level via the movement of the lifeforce energy that occurs with the practice of posture and serpent power meditation.

Dua Sehu, Dua Sebai Maa, Dua Seba Dja Htp

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