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Udja, it was good revisiting this lecture and reading Sehu’s summary of it. The points that he highlighted concerning the agitated mind not being able to absorb the teachings are very much on point. This has always been a sticking point from the perspective of the teachings for me since I have witnessed so many people come to the teachings and then leave. As my role as a Hemu, I feel that it is my duty to offer whatever assistance I can provide but I now realize the desire must be there and as Amenemope explains their must have enough peace of mind to absorb the teachings. So, I have learned not to frustrate myself when they stop showing up. Most of us have self-induced business caused by our ariu (and ignorance) that clutters our lives and keep our minds agitated. I’ve watched people who have initiated with us seem to have a desire for the teachings but there is always something that pulls them away. There are those that stay but are just barely hanging on to the fringes of the teachings. This chapter explains what is possibly happening to the minds of those individuals.

I’m glad that Sehu included the teachings of the Arat goddess in his summary. It is a constant metaphor throughout the Kemetic iconograph that shows the power of the serpent goddesses in our lives. It brings more meaning to the Henu pose and I will see her in my mind as I kneel down to enter the pose. Dua Sehu! Dua Sebai Maa & Seba Dja!