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Bastu Baket

Sage Amenemopet Teachings Lecture 12 of 10-15-2019
Feedback to Sehu Khepera’s Post 21174 by Bastu Baket 11-01-2020


Dua Sehu Khepera for your reflections on this Lecture 12 of the Sage Amenemopet teachings. I feel you brought out the salient points that were given by Sebai Maa’s discourse to these very important verses.

This turning away from Shemm (heated personalities) is so key. But what I found remarkable in these verses was also the aspect of being able to search for the heat within one’s own personality and turn away from that as well by recognizing it and then mench it (carve it out) by utilizing the integral Shedy practices to purify and cleanse the aryu, allowing one to become Ger (silent, cool personalities.

I appreciated Sebai Maa’s imagery of “dumpster diving” into other’s aryu by associating with heated personalities it gives one good reason to pause before entering into relationships or even dealing with relationships.

Chapter 8 evoked a sense of true devotion to the Arati and how in adoring them we can allow the chaos of Apep to subside and build strength and valor rather than nesheny.

Sage Amenemopet included the plea to Khnum to assist in this re-molding, menching and re-building of personalities that suffer from this heat, so once again we are able to call upon the Neteru to guide us.