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Anpu Waset

Sage Amenemope Lesson 12


I concur with Sehu Khepera when he concludes his synopsis of Lesson 12 by advising that we repeatedly go over this lesson as to become seated in it. As he was very thorough in his discussion about each chapter in the lesson, I will add to what he shared with a few thoughts that resonated with me. For example, although the word detachment wasn’t used that I recall in the lesson, I thought about this a few times when studying the lesson when the following was stated:

-Don’t feel bad turning completely away from the heated person. Know that God will take care of them in due time and free them also from the illusions of life.

-If you refrain from feeding your body garbage why feed the mind garbage by communing with heated personalities?

-The heated person is an abomination to the Royal Personality which can be injured by exposure to heated personalities because you can pick their negative ariu.

However, there were two points that resonated with me more so than the others in the lesson.

-Initiates should request that the Khunum aspect of their personality re-mold/re-fashion your Royal Personality.

-If you want to transform your mind you must transform its ariu.

If this isn’t what other scriptures are referring to when it is said “to feed the Ka what endures,” I don’t know what is.