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Gerry Jacksonal
consciousness over time and the culture decline continued If ethics and spiritual
consciousness is kept intact all remains well.In Kemet there were different ethnic
groups all under the same culture, knowing the absolute ultimate reality is the same
and having such awareness the three needs of society were met; food shelter and opportunity.
There are three forms of reality we must be concerned with, we have a physical form,
an image in our minds about that physical form, a name which gives it reality. They
change over time so they are not absolute, all are an illusion they are not what we are.
Take away the things we think make us different and we are all t

. Kemet was an “empire”, a civilization that spread its culture of ethics and spiritual
consciousness across many lands, from Nubia to India to Europe. Due to outside
influence and forgetfulness the Kemetians lost their base of ethics and spirituhe same because we
all come from the same place. The ultimate absolute reality is ALL IS ONE.
Culture is a window to view the world and to understand the reality one lives in , how
to interact with others , it gives us a foundation_ who we are _ where we come from, a belief system. Everyone has a culture.
One more comment on Kemet. Under the edict of Constantine to close all pagan
temples, the temples in Kemet were destroyed and the stones were used to build
churches. I n the temple of Hetheru the invaders defaced the temple walls by carving
crosses into the walls, burning fires with chemicals that left the walls heavily damaged
with soot.
Important to me and sad is the fact that African Americans dont want to be idenified
with Africa generally nor do they want to return to Africa. Not knowing or accepting
our own culture we go with whoever. We dont stick together, we dont support each
other and we dont keep others out. Is this because of slavery and the complete brain- washing we received during that time, does it still infect us or is this who we were?