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Assignment: Lesson 14 Video – TTOASET Meditation Series

In the Lesson 13 video lecture by Sebai Maa we were introduced to Aset and Her relation to water as “Lady of Storms,” (Calming the storminess of the mind). In the Lesson 14 video lecture we are now introduced to Aset in her relation to the element of fire , which gives even further insights into her true nature relative to Ra.

Fire directly correlates to Ra, the Creator Spirit, in the form of the sun which is the source/Fire of Life (Chet en Ankh). As revealed in the lecture, Ra cobbled the elements together. In the Kemetic language this is referred to as “Khut” and “Tjez.” In scientific terms Sebai explained that in the beginning there was only hydrogen that formed the stars through gravity and compression, becoming more dense to form elements such as iron, aluminum, gold, etc. Therefore, all life is formed by elements forged through fire.

Thus, the sun, is the Creator of life as Khepera, the Sustainer of life as Ra, and the Dissolution of life as Temu. It was these three aspects of fire that were of special interest to Aset in Her one pointed focus of observing Ra on His daily path. Aset used the fire of Ra Tem that she collected from His emanations to create Her own fire serpent, the Taffy Shepsy, to strike and poison Ra by using His own fire. This brings true clarity to the old cliché’ “Fight fire with fire.”

Yet another example is Aset’s use of fire for purification by placing an infant, the prince of Syria, in the fire to burn away his mortal parts. It was illuminated that fire in this instance is symbolic of burning mind away from the Soul, resulting in immortality. During this purification process, Aset takes the form of a Kyte (female hawk) as she utters words of power (Hekau) that bring life immortal. It was explained in the lecture that the hawk is the aspect that raises consciousness and the hekau is a projection of will into existence by way of Higher consciousness.

This process of purification would have been successful had not the Queen Mother of the infant yelled out in fear and stopped the process. The fearful response was likened to the ego that cries out in fear. The takeaway is, the purifying fire of Aset burns away the impurities of the mind which frees the Soul. This can only take place by way of the will of the Higher consciousness, absent of the ego, by uttering words of power with intent into existence, resulting in immortality.

In short, this is Meditation that leads to Enlightenment (Nehast) and becoming Akhu (Shining Spirit). However, when one’s ego cries out the result will be an interrupted and distracted Meditation process that falls short of Enlightenment. Sebai Maa explained that the infant represents the aspirant that should be “childlike” rather than “childish.” Seba Dja elaborated on this concept, saying that a child does not worry but trusts. Therefore, an aspirant needs to trust in the teachings and their Spiritual Preceptors, as an infant trusts, to lead them to Enlightenment and Immortality.

It should be noted that the fire attribute of Aset is not a literal, physical fire but, rather, the subtle Fire of Wisdom that seeks to burn up ignorance. In other words, Sebai Maa explains, that fire is symbolic of the manifestation of serpent power, meaning fire energy given form. The serpent represents the dynamic aspect of Life Force (Sekhem) that pierces through the illusion of ego. In Sebai Maa’s words, “Wisdom, knowledge and poise of mind indicates Serpent Power.”

Therefore, it becomes essential to remove worldly blockages with khak ab and antet begag, as well as engaging Djehuty (Cosmic intellect) to free one from the imprisonment by the ego, in order to build Serpent Power to break through the lower self to the Higher Self. Sebai Maa warns that one must have dispassion or passions will call you back to the lower self. Ultimately, as explained, it can be broken down into the two directions of the serpent spiral. This spiral can move either upwards or downwards. If the spiral movement is downward, it is symbolic of worldliness and illusion. In contrast, the upward spiral movement leads to dissolution of the worldly…literally the human vs. Divine experience.

Thus, it should be understood that the nature of the ego is to reflect back to the conscious lower self, preventing the awareness that leads to penetration toward the Higher personality. To achieve a higher level of consciousness, Sebai explains that the spiral movement is better for distribution of energy, which should be done in degrees rather than in an abrupt manner. Therefore, this is a process that must be cultivated in a methodical, balanced, integrated, cyclic movement, as opposed to a stark linear movement which can ultimately cause harm.

Important guidelines were introduced for Meditation to engage one in this gradual process, using the mat or poster created by Sebai Maa. It was recommended that the images are to serve as helpful visualizations, as well as extended time contemplating Ra Tem—particularly collecting His emanations, as did Aset, to form the Taffy Shepsy Serpent. In addition, practicing breath retention, as well as possibly even fasting in conjunction with Meditation were also helpful recommendations to intensify the experience.

This all serves to build the fire necessary to form the Taffy Shepsy, as demonstrated by Aset, which leads one to the Anrutef state—Witnessing consciousness with nothing to be aware of, i.e the Amun level. Even the Amun level of consciousness must be transcended to reach Absolute consciousness i.e, Neberdjer consciousness, transforming one into a Heru personality. From this perspective, we are told in the lecture, the ego personality becomes merely an object.

Achieving this high state of consciousness requires “antet begag” (relentless pursuit), “an chen” (not stopping) and a one-pointed focus, not to mention “khak ab” (repudiating heart). In other words, spiritual strength forged by the Fire of Ra (Chet en Ankh), brought to fruition through the Wisdom of Aset in the form of the Taffy Shepsy, which pierces the illusion of Ra, thus, defacing the ego personality.

The above mentioned attributes, of course, should be backed with a purified mind, grounded in Maat. Seba Dja made the important point that if one is not yet sufficiently grounded in Maat, it is a personal matter of determining what needs to be repudiated (khak ab) or relentlessly pursued (antet begag), making it, indeed, a process.

In summary, Sebai Maa leaves us a powerful quote:

“By collecting the life force of Ra She (Aset) bolstered Her Astral body (mind) and used it to cultivate Her astral body into a Sacred Serpentine form that could clean subtle impurities of mind, promote concentration and dissolve Creation by retracting life force energy along with individual conscious awareness back to its source.”
Q: Any specific teaching you found remarkable or impactful in the teaching for you at this stage, what do you think this teaching(s) impact was, is or will be on your spiritual journey?

A: The most remarkable and impactful teaching is understanding that the Chet en Ankh (Fire of Life) is accessible to me and is within reach. Moving beyond understanding to actualizing and maintaining that Fire of Life will be most impactful in my personal spiritual journey.


Bastu Heryt