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Bastu Baket

BEING POSTED ON BEHALF OF SEBAI MAA FEEDBACK FOR POST 20752 OF 10-13-2020 CHAT MTG. w/ Video by Gary Null related to the conversation in Chat of 10-13-2020 shared by Sebai Maa


1. What is the pursuit of abiding happiness vs ego based “hoppiness” ?

2 What is science? SN as a spiritual science vs current evidence based science

3. How to recognise truth and cognitive dissonance

4. How to view prosperity and adversity and how to approach the alternating cycles of pain and pleasure physically and psychologically

5. Examining truth, economics and other current issues through studies, evidence based reports and programs.(covid, masks, money, etc)

The illusion surrounding true happiness

The Pursuit of Abiding Happiness through Spiritual Truth.

Evidence based science and spiritual science

Pursuit of true Happiness