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Lesson 5 level 1 video Assignment
Intro to SN by Dja – conference 2008 part 2

Important Themes Presented:
The three fold observances of worship of the shemsu of shetaut neter are morning, noon and evening, which are related to the three aspects of Ra.
The temple of Auset is where the teaching of wisdom (Rehkhet) was taught.
There are several systems of mediation disciplines from which you can choose the one that resonate with your personality.
Arat Sekhem uaa – meditation of subtle force.
Ari Sma Maat Uaa- meditation of righteous action.
Nuk Pu – Ushet Uaa- meditation of the I AM.
Nuk Ra- Akhu Uaa –meditation of the glorious light.
Rekh Amun Uaa – meditation on the wisdom teaching
Khet Ankh Uaa – meditation on the tree of life.
The yoga postures are not exercises but a spiritual practice that relate to the deities, exercise is a benefit from the spiritual practice.
The legacy of our ancestors must be lived not just studied and revered.
Some of the keys to success are patience, perseverance, continued self-effort and most important good association.
Shemsu Udja Shedy which is burning desire and aspiration is needed to attain nehast and to overcome the fetters and become successful in the shedy disciplines.
The way you judge your progress is by watching your vices and worldly desires become less, and observing your personality without attachment.
If you are not practicing Shemsu Udja ,the higher purpose shemsu which is to be a follower of neter, will not be accomplished and you will have a dfferent movement which is called tenem ,losing the way and wandering in ignorance.
Books cannot enlighten you must have contact and be in the presence of the sebai to guide you properly.