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DjedefHor Anpu

Lesson 30 Video 4-6

There were several important things that I thought were important.
Video 4
1. Soul belongs to the heaven and the body belongs to the earth.The teaching of Shetaut Neter places the emphasis on the importance of learning about the Divine self. Past teachings placed the emphasis on the body. Mysticism was irrelevant.

2. One Food for the soul another food for the body. The Kemetic Diet is about living off the food for the soul. Food for the soul includes everything in integral Shedy.

3. Hetep Slab
Rather, the bread is symbolic of Asar, in that it is made from the wheat that grows out of his body. The goose is an abbreviation for the hieroglyphic text that means female, and the thigh of the ox an abbreviation for the word male. In the ritual related to offering the Hetep Slab to the Divine, fluid in libation vessels is poured over the symbols of male (ox thigh) and female (goose). The fluid then flows over and around them, and then runs down and out a common opening. This ritual is symbolic of uniting the opposites (male and female) within one’s consciousness, that is, offering every aspect of oneself to the Divine in the state of Enlightenment. Therefore, the implication of the offering of bread on a mat, in the form of the Hetep Slab is that Hetep, the Supreme Peace of Enlightenment, comes from attaining union with the Divine.

Ashby, Muata. Kemetic Diet: Ancient African Wisdom for Health of Mind, Body and Spirit pg. 48.

4. Health involves taking in food physically for the body, psychologically for the mind and spiritually for the mind.

5. Mucous forming foods
-flesh foods, fish, cereals, milk, sodas, coffee artificial processed drinks and nuts (soaking for 12 hours in water releases the digestion inhibiting agents, and reduces the mucus producing effects.

6. Non-mucous forming foods.
-fruits, vegetables and drinks (herbal teas, juices and water).

7. Ukhedu- a disease process originating in the intestines. It is the cause of all diseases.

8. How we lose vitality?
-Agitated mind (stress and anxiety).
-covetous nature, strenuous sports and losing one’s self in activities.

Video 5

1. Antioxidants or natural aid is that the body produces when it is working properly. When the body carries on is normal chemical processes, these give offstreet Adams that combine with others in the body and cause chemical reactions that are not desirable; the oxidizer burn up the body, thus causing many diseases. The straight atoms or call “free radicals.” In a normal functioning body, the antioxidants combined with the free radicals and process them in a beneficial manner. (The Kemetic Diet. Ashby, Muata. pg. 320)

2. Did not know that there was no proof HIV causes AIDS. This statement is more proof that we believe what we are told instead of studying for ourselves.

3. As an aspirant I must learn to eat the gods and goddesses and not eat my heart.

Video 6
1. Parable of Djehuti and Hetheru. Hetheru was sent into the world by Ra to destroy all the unrighteous people. But she became diseased by the world and began to destroy righteous people. This is applies to my life. Diseased by the world I not only hurt the unrighteous as well as the righteous or people who are trying to help me. Ra sent Djehuti to. bring her back. The important thing to me in this parable was how he approached her. The method he used to bring her back to her Divine Self is the same method we should use to bring other diseased people back to their Divine Self. First he gave her blood from the diseased people, laced with beer and mandrake. This was a sedative to calm her. He met her in her disease state and fed her righteousness. Secondly, he prostrated before her and showed humility. He did not condemn or judge her for her actions. The fourth thing he did was distracted her with his words. This kept her mind focused on him and not the disease. He got her to thinking about the teaching so her mind could progressed to a higher outlook in life. When we are sedentary it allows the energy to come in. He gave her Divine food and she became like what she ate. The steps that Djehuti took to bring her back to her divine self are what I experienced under Sba Maa and Sba Dja. They both show a lot of calmness as well as humility. The classes and lectures are not condemning or judging they only feed me mental food. Just as place me on a path to know my Divine Self.

2. Consume pure foods, pure thoughts and pure hands.
_ Pure foods-Kemetic Diet
-Pure thoughts-endorse celestial being’s and associate with sages and saints.
-Pure hands-personal hygiene as well as clothing.

3. Kissing is a western culture. Kemetic kissing is a touching of the noses, breathing of breath and sharing of life force energy.