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Asar Maat E

Reflection on Lesson 11 – Reply to Uab Amunyt #21024

Udja – Dua Uab Amuntyt for your reflection.
The reflection highlighted the concept of the heated personality and the relation of the teaching to lessons from your personal upbringing. Your reflection and a key message in the lecture was about not associating with the heated personality (friend or family) and not just staying away from the body, but staying away from the mind of the heated person. A very interesting and important point made in the lecture was Sebai’s statement that the wisdom-based arguments of Sage Amenemopet need to be “affirmed, repeated, reflected upon, and agreed with, and then they can be acted on.” The process of agreeing with the arguments of the teaching is a critical component to integrating the wisdom of the teachings. A trap or blind spot where aspirants fall short of integrating the teachings is not consciously agreeing with them. A person may hear the wisdom 100 times, but if there is not agreement the information will not be fully integrated. This has been both my observation in the process of spiritual counseling and personal experience at various points in my personality development.

Dua for the wisdom of the ancestors. Dua Sebai Maa.