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Anpu Waset


I enjoyed Ab Amuntyt’s discussion of Lesson 11. Especially when she compared some of teachings of Sage Amenhotep to some of the advice she was given by her mother growing up. It goes to show that life lessons are lessons no matter what era one lives in. Additionally her focus on showing how the “heated personality” in today’s society is a fixture of it was helpful to spiritual initiates navigating thru time and space with their spiritual practice. Here are a few of the points that I took away from the lesson to add to the discussion:

-Certain things or people should not be associated with.

-Sage Amenhotep said do not “connect/attach” yourself to heated/sneaky people especially when they’re in their time of heat. This is because when you’re interacting with a person, you’re not interacting with the so-called physicality of the person, you’re interacting with their heart/mind. So, it’s the heated person’s mind and its contents manifesting thru a so called body that is to be stayed away from.

-Sebai stated that the mind is composed of two things, thoughts and the ego complex both of which are illusory and supported by that which is real which is Amun & then that which we call Neberdjer.

-Goal is to purify the mind so that Neberdjer manifests through it.

-Sebai clarified for me what the word “nothingness” means when used in the teachings. This is a “no-thing” zone because “things” don’t exist there. Only the consciousness that gives rise to and is the foundation of things exist there. Stilling the mind and training it to be still allows Neberdjer to begin awakening the mind.

-The attempt to find happiness in the world is impossible because that which the mind is composed of is itself illusory.

-To fulfill the goal of the teachings, “ALL” ideas/thoughts about the so called reality of anything in time and space has to be let go of. Any scintilla of anything held onto will keep you tied to the world.