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Sehu Khepera

Lesson 11

Lesson 11 brought up some very salient and important points and Ab Amuntyt was able to recognize the important theme of the presented teaching. She spoke about how it is not good to associate with heated persons but that it may happen due to social instances.
So, in one respect this comports with the instructions we received from our time and space parents, further, this kind of instruction is targeted to the ariu and its effects it has on the mind relative to the spiritual evolutionary process of a human being. This kind of instruction is extended beyond mere biological relationships and is related to the mind and its states and conditions. In the lesson there was extensive discussion of the mind and its antecedent basis, thus it provided a template of how the mind is affected relative to influence predicated on the state or condition of the heated person.

So in a sense, our parents gave us good advice, however, within the context of the spiritual teaching, it is being extended to the profound implications that heat has in relation to the capacity to grow beyond body consciousness, as was spoken about in the lecture.

Of great importance is V16 where it states:
Tu hauha tu k cha seten (her) {med} ef
You should reject them by turning your mind away from their mind and emotions

Thus, close body proximity with the heated should be avoided when possible, however, what the teaching is demonstrating is that internal environment (mind) is what is paramount, thus the exercise of turning one’s mind and emotions away from the heated. Therefore, don’t follow in their train of loud talking or loud laughing etc. It is to turn inward in an awareness of the mind and its states and conditions by ascertaining the essence of mind as the true basis of mind. In as such the relative condition of the heated can be witnessed not replicated.

Dua Ab Amuntyt


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