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Bastu Baket

Clergy Assignment for 10-04-2020
Sage Amenemopet Lesson 11 Feedback to Uab Amuntyt’s Post #21024

Udja Uab Amuntyt,

Dua for the Nefer key points you brought forth from this Lesson 11 of heated vs. silent persons. I appreciated how you related your younger self experiences as well as how we can all relate to being in this society where we may find ourselves surrounded by heated persons not only physically but through various media outlets bombarding our thoughts.

In further reviewing this lesson, there was some discussion and insights as to Mind and Ego complex and how to recognize that you are neither of those but what is supporting those. So, mind and ego complex are just tools that we utilize in this time and space realm which are changeable therefore not-abiding. I’ll share an excerpt of a quote from Sebai Maa that I feel should be a guiding principle, “You can only be happy with that which doesn’t change and that is the Absolute. In order to discover that (i.e. the Absolute) the mind itself has to be quelled, purified, that’s what the teaching is about, it is about discovery not really transformation. It (i.e. Neberdjer, Un, Un Nefer) is already there in the background of your consciousness…”

Dua for sharing the process of that discovery as you stated through the integral practice of the Shedy disciplines and purification of Aryu.

Bastu Baket