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Bastu Baket

Simplified Book Report Form – Name: Bastu Baket Asu Ra Date: 10-02-2020
Report Assignment for Book EM Vol 3 Shetaut Hemu The Priests and Priestesses of Ancient Egypt The pages covered for this lesson were 43-48 from 08-02-2020 meeting.

We began with some Q&A from the book regarding personal and interpersonal relationships for the Clergy and ended with a historical account of the cause of the downfall of Ancient Egyptian Culture due to the deterioration of the Clergy. Some topics included comparative religion studies and trying to “fit Ancient Egyptian traditions into other belief systems” and how misguided and detrimental that can be. Also included was insight about how the clergy were valuable to the society and how that became degraded.

During the book section pages with Q & A we addressed how some initiates come to the teachings with their own set of views and integrations of other religious traditions that then taint the true meaning and philosophy of the Ancient Egyptian teachings. I confess that in the very beginning, coming from a devout Roman Catholic tradition I too saw parallels to the myths but quickly learned how they were indeed co-opted from the true teachings and did not bring about the same results of knowing the Divine Self. You were always seen as something separate, lower than the Divine. Nothing can be further from the Truth.

There was cause for reflection when Sebai Maa spoke about the considerations for priests and priestess with respect to working with aspirants and a key statement was, “Not everybody is qualified to receive these teaching in this lifetime.” The issue of the wall of Aryu was truly identifiable as no one could have told me previously that I was living in ignorance of the Divine. I needed the proper guidance of an authentic Spiritual Preceptor with the authentic teachings to even have the capacity to pierce through the crack in the wall for movement towards spiritual evolution.

We discussed the Priestess Inty whom we also see in our Meditation section of our meetings. The understanding of how priests and priestesses were widely respected and afforded special exemptions due to their knowledge in spiritual as well as time and space personal duties. They exemplified the teachings through their daily lives and interactions with others integrally through sharing their wisdom, compassion, purity and Maatian actions something that is certainly to our benefit with which to model for our own interactions with aspirants so the degradation can be mitigated in the way of Maatian actions rather than ego based emotions and regards.

In conclusion it is paramount for us to seek, speak and act in the truth that is inherent is the Ancient Egyptian Teachings that are so graciously given to us by the ancient priests and priestesses and brought forth through Sebai Maa and Seba Dja. I’m very grateful to have finally found these teachings and preceptors with the opportunity to assist others in this lifetime, so as to have the capacity to sublimate ego, reduce or eliminate Aryu so as to not reincarnate again.

Bastu Baket Asu Ra