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Lesson 11 – Uab Soshen Amuntyt, 10/4/2020
In lesson 11 the theme of heated and quiet personality continues. The realization that you can’t be friends with everyone especially those with a heated personality is admonished. Association with a heated personality will stunt your spiritual development. As a child my mother would always tell us who to associate with and who you should stay away from. She did not want our developmental growth to be thwarted by undesirable personalities. But as hard as my mother tried, we still had plenty of time to hangout with people that would not be of her approval even the ones from a “good family”. So, in a literal sense, to me Amenenmope in this lesson is not talking about anything much different than how my mother tried to raise us.

In this day and time, the behavior of the heated personality is wrapped into societal norm sometimes making them hard to recognize or not to be in their presence. Work throws us all in the same conference room. Malls and shopping areas put us all in the same physical space. Our children activities put us on the same sport field with people not from the neighborhood. Relatives and friends in dire situations confront us with requests of financial aid and other issues. Our personalities are bombarded with the heat of a society waiting to explode. Ignorance is the standing order.

But as our heart purifies, we take caution who we allow in our personal space. As Sebai tells us, “the heart is the source and the real thing you are dealing with…not their physical body.” This is the real subtlety of the teachings. As an initiate in Shetaut Neter, we must take a concerted effort to associate with those whose heart is acceptable, honest, righteous and who is trying to follow the teachings. And to do that, our heart must be purified with the Shedy disciplines to receive the intuitional wisdom that Goddess Aset affords those that aspire to be “Maakheru”.
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When there is Maladjustment between the mind and the higher self, there is contentment. True/False