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Gerry Jackson Lecture 1

In lecture 1 Dr Ashby gives a list of the books an aspirant should study and the
order to follow, 1)Egyptian Yoga vol 1 compares other religions and how they relate
to Shetaut Neter, it tells what initiation is and what religion is supposed to be.
2) Egyptian Mysteries tells what theAfrican Mysteries is about. African Origins
of Civilization vol 1-3 is suggested next and it gives a history of how the religion
traveled to different parts of the world I.e.western and eastern, namely Hindu
and Buddhism, The books contain the nuts and bolts of the teachings to guide
the initiate on their spiritual path. It was noted that books can only tell so much
it is important to have a guide or spiritual preceptor.
An example was given of a n individual wanting to excel in sports and the
devotion he would have to master the game, he would literally eat, sleep and
meditate to reach his goal, this is the same kind of mind set an initiate must have.
Maat purifies the ethical conscience, Auset (wisdom) purifies the intellect and devotion purifies the feelings so one can start devoting to a higher purpose in
Another important part for me was the comments made on the importance of
3) the Shedy disciplines, these are the disciplines needed to enlighten the personality
to cleanse my heart and to grow in wisdom. The importance of the proper food
and supplements. I learned that foods have a vibration and the foods one consumes will either further ones spiritual growth or cause stagnation in ones
growth, also the cleansing of the cells of our bodies. I knew food was important
took it for granted not even thinking of the deeper purpose
I am realizing I have much to learn and much, much to unlearn
I now know that our ancestors originated at the base of the Mountain of the
Moon at the origin of the Nile’ The Egyptians were a colony sent out by the
Nubians and they settled in northeastern part of Africa. The people along the
Nile river were known as the Nilotic people,they were dependent on the yearly
flooding if the Nile to be able to plan their planting and sowing of seeds. This
is an example of the regularity of life and the consistency of nature.

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