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Dorlene Dowl

Kemet 101 Lesson 2 African Origins of Culture

A. The theme of this video was the discussion of the major contributing factor to the downfall of African Civilization.

Kemetic culture began about 36,000 BC and persisted over thousands of years and even through the many late conquests of the Assyrians 700BC, Persians 600BC, Greeks 300BC, and the Romans 30BC.

In about 10,000 BC Kemet had “high culture.” The oldest teachings known to humans came out of Kemet during this time.

The Kemetic culture persisted over time because the center of society was governed by the sages, priests and priestesses of the temples. The temple “managed” society, being the center for spiritual systems (Shetaut Neter), agricultural systems, social and political systems, and the educational systems. The temple ensured that every aspect of society was infused with the Ethics of Ma’at. And provided stability for three basic human needs of the Kemetic people: Food, Shelter, and Opportunity ( a boat).

In about 350AC the Roman Christian Empire ordered the closing of Kemetic temples and this disrupted Kemetic culture at its core.

The people became idle, forgetfulness of ethics seeped in, and thus began the degradation of society.

This degradation of society can be seen in the present American culture and even globally. The lack of oversight of Ethics within the spiritual/religious, social/political, agricultural and educational systems has led to greed and a global culture based on pleasure seeking.

B. The explanation of how the degradation of society happened resonated with me. It is a lack of ethical behavior on very personal levels, moment by moment choices of individuals in everyday lives that has led to the total degradation of our culture as a whole.

C. Where/What could I read to get a sense of what every day life was like in Ancient Kemet?