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Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson wt Reading Assignment page 51-58.

Question: Many preachers rely on drama or exuberant performances while giving sermons to distracts people and make people believe that these preachers know what they’re talking about, and this leaves the aspirant without viable understanding or path to follow.
Question: When life humbles the aspirant it is more important that do what? They should trust in a teacher who will never rub their nose in it.
Question: How should a spiritual aspirant think and fell about humbling themselves to the teachings and their teacher? An aspirant must realize the preceptor is a representative of the divine on earth and should be given the respect as a facilitator who will help you on the path to enlightenment. An aspirant must cease all thoughts of pride and self-importance and give complete and unconditional allegiance to the preceptor. An aspirant must offer their ego, pride, and ignorance on the divine alter of wisdom. The aspirant must pledge service to the preceptor in the form of physical, mental and spiritual support, and devotion and never disrespect or steal from the preceptor (objects of knowledge) or speak out of turn, or test the patience of the preceptor. The aspirant should make sure the relationship with the preceptor is righteous.
Dua Hetep.