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Assignment 1 – Vincent

1. Name the process in the practice in the Yoga of Wisdom:
It’s a three-step process:
– Listening to the wisdom teaching on the nature of reality (creation) and the nature of the self. There is increasing intellectual understanding of the scriptures and the meaning of truth versus untruth and real verses unreal
– Reflection on the teachings and incorporating them into daily life until the wisdom is fully understood
– Meditation is the process of reflection leads to a state in which the mind is continuously introspective. It means expansion of consciousness culminating in revelation of and identification with the absolute Self.
2. What are the steps in practicing the Yoga of Action?
– Learn: Ethics/Law of Cause and Effect
– Practice: Cultivation of higher virtues
– Devotion: To the Divine
– Meditation: See oneself as MAAT
a. How should a spiritual aspirant think about ego-based feelings, and
– Recognize them for what they are: Not real and watch them as they pass
b. How does the Action Path affect them as an aspirant transforms through time?
– I imagine the Action Path would serve as an inspirational road map with milestone check points that allows the aspirant to see their progress while on the road to transformation. A mirror is what comes to mind. The aspirant can clearly see themselves and their progress with the Action Path as a backdrop.
3. If you do not learn the spiritual lesson that the situation is here to teach you, what happens?
You repeat it until such time that you have learned the lesson and moved on from it. Never to be a slave the situation again.
4. By acting and moving like the Gods and Goddesses one can do what?
Live in harmony with MAAT while generating internal calm and tranquility.
5. Yoga postures began in India. True/False
False. Yoga postures earliest recordings have been found around the 10th century A. C. E. by a sage named “Goraksha”. Sema Paut or Union with the Gods and Goddesses was created in ancient Egypt which pre-dates the 10th century. Also, Smai Tawi was also viewed as an Egyptian Yoga which pre-dates any such yoga recorded in India.
6. Many enlightened personalities from time to time indulge in Recreational activities.
7. The stagnation of the flow of energy through the body has what effect?
It has the effect of grounding one’s consciousness to the physical realities rather than allowing the mind and body to operate with lightness and subtlety.

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