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Phoenix Hetep MAAT


Lesson 2
A. Summarize the plot of the Aset and Ra myth.
– Aset comes in the form of a woman, she excels in the lower mysteries of life- gains extensive practical knowledge in subjects such as Astrology, Science, Mathematics, Arts etc. With all that she experienced in the world of time and space, Aset grows in true dispassion and detachment for humans, worldly desires, materialistic things and the illusoriness of life. No longer wanting to live the ‘human being’ journey, she ponders on the path of the Gods and Goddesses, but then reconsiders because not even they Know the ‘name’ of Ra in which she’s seeking. She then considers (through deep reflection and meditation) the path of the Enlightened sages and saints (Ahku’s) affirming that even while on earth she can be a Goddess who reaches Enlightenment having obtained the True ‘name’ of Ra!
Aset begins to study Ra’s movement (The Shedy Teachings) daily, in the evening time when Ra is in the form of Tem, Aset notices that he drools (the Spirit Essence of Ra) so she collects it and kneads it with matter (her personality) making a Taffy Shepsy (Sacred Serpent).
Aset places the nonmoving Taffy Shepsy on the path that Ra travels each day. As Ra Tem traveled on, the Serpent bit him and he became overpowered by its poison. Ra yelled out to the Gods and Goddesses but not even they knew what was going on! The poison from the serpent begins to cause deconstruction to the illusory creator/creation aspect of Ra. Aset then comes to Ra and affirms that she can Heal him, but he will have to tell her his True ‘name’. Ra goes on to tell her the name of who he is as the Creator of All Creation, but this isn’t the ‘name’ Aset asked for and she remains relentless in her actions to get it after Ra tries to trick her with his Illusory name a few times. Coming close to death, Ra then gives up and tells Aset that he will tell her the ‘name’- he allows Aset to go into him so that the ‘name’ can go into her.
Aset was able to go past the illusory aspect of Ra and discover/become One with the transcendental (Anrutef). She is now Goddess Aset (All-encompassing- Neter)

– For you, what are the important insights you have gained so far from Aset’s saga and her relationship with Ra?
o The importance of cultivation in true dispassion and detachment with humans, the world and its illusoriness.
o Coming to an unwavering Realization, in consideration of what path I want to choose to obtain Enlightenment.
o Once purified through the teachings, I (as a Goddess) have the power and intuitional wisdom to tear down the illusion of Creation and the Creator Force that maintains/creates it.
o Being relentless with my study and implementing the Shedy Disciplines- Wisdom, Action, and Meditation (while also keeping an integral balance with all the other disciplines as well) in order to obtain Ra’s Spirit Essence. (This a daily pursuit)
o Understanding their importance and utilizing the daily worships, especially the Evening, when Ra comes to a completion of time/space journey and returns to the transcendental.
o Coming to an inner Truth in Knowing that even while on earth we can do what Goddess Aset did, because we are Goddess Aset!

B. What are some of the important teachings to remember from the Audio lecture?
a. Turning away from worldly knowledge in order to obtain Intuitional Wisdom. Worldly knowledge, although useful for a successful practical life is only relative, not perfect, illusory, and not Abiding in the end. Aset shows us what happens when one comes to this realization, and chooses to gain what is Abiding- the Transcendental name of Ra.
b. What is the name of Ra that Aset wants to know- The Essence of who Ra is, not the relative time/space aspect. Following the path of the Goddess allows one to completely deconstruct the Triad of consciousness in order to gain Oneness with the Transcendental- that which expands beyond, and is also consciousness. This is what an aspirant should be striving to Know.
c. The Serpent Power allows one to ‘kill’ the Triad of illusion/Creation- this is what Aset does (and leads us to do) through the Taffy Shepsy.
d. Putting the opposites (duality) back together creates a consciousness that transcends it- this is what Aset is doing to Ra once he is bit by the serpent and the poison has consumed his illusory aspect.
e. The Words of Power break the spell of nature/creation. The Higher ‘Words’ of Power (Ra’s name) go beyond creation all together.
f. Ra’s name and our name are the same- All is transcendental
g. Gods and Goddess are not enlightened beings (needing expansion on this)
h. Aset achieved the power to give the spiritual aspirant that seeks enlightenment Divine Intuitional Wisdom because Ra has given her, his True name.

Lesson Reflection & Questions
I know that the human being experience is no longer what I want because the level of dispassion continues to grow towards human life in a very authentic way, and I continue to slowly yet effectively detach from egoistic things/people/places/desires etc. Only desiring what/who can be utilized for soul/mind/body purification and elevation towards Universal Consciousness.
I know that the path of the higher Cosmic Forces (Ra, Amun, Asar, HetHeru, Aset, MAAT etc.) continues to resonate with me as the goal I want to cultivate/become One with. I’ll always choose Enlightenment while also being compassionate and considerate of the possibility that this current path of choosing, is what I have the capacity to achieve in this lifetime. Goddess Aset elevated well beyond this realm of Spiritual resonance… I’ve been pondering on my ability to do so for some time now.
When the mind turns to thoughts of diffidence or inadequacy (you can’t do this, you’re not following the teaching right etc.), the Goddess continues to be that quiet yet powerful voice of reassurance, mental Healing and UDJA to dispel Set.
– My question is, should I utilize the teachings of the Goddess to help me achieve the Spiritual goal in which I’ve resonated with? If so, how can I go about relinquishing the mental worries or pressure thoughts when it comes to considering not yet being able to achieve what Goddess Aset did, but still choosing to immerse myself in her path/virtues?
If not, what redirection should I take?
– Could you expound more on when an initiate may want to know the True Spirit name of Ra, but may not have the capacity to do so from this prospective?

Much Dua, HTP