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DjedefHor Anpu

Level 29 Video Lesson Parts 1-3
Part 1
There were so many important things to learn about the Kemetic Diet.
1. The key to health is to be cleansed in one’s vascular system but offerings must be made to the divine. Ancient Egyptians discovered the art of healthy living the Kemetic diet.

2. The chant that is an offering made to propitiate that God may make the vascular system flourish. HTP di is Neter ire mettu wadj. Wadj means to become green. Mettu is the vascular system.

3. What is a diet? A prescribed set of foods that one eats to promote a certain effect on the body.

4.Cover of the book.
-An Ankh-Where life begins. The circled on the cross come together. That which is eternal and that which is temporal. When spirit and matter come together it forms life. meet.
-Medu Neter on a papyrus-Feed the ka what endures. Ka is the mind. If we feed the Ka negative energy if becomes lodged in the unconscious mind.
-The divine eye becomes darkened and ignorant of the higher glory.

5. Purpose of the Kemetic Diet is to feed the mind, body and soul.

6. What is True health? more than an issue of physical fitness true health is being closer to the divine.

7. Moving back to the original teachings which are called alternative medicine. Massage therapy, reflexology and meditation.

8. Ankh Udja Seneb
Ankh-life Udja-vitality Seneb-health
Higher perspective of Udja can be likened to starting a fire. The life force energy cons into the body through the seven life force energies (chakras) and goes up and down the spine which is the pillar of Asar (Djed). If that pillar is unobstructed it starts a burning fire that burns the personality and leaves ashes burns the ego and leaves the divine conscious. Ask if their is a teaching on the chakras)

9. Physical perspective of Udja. Consume foods that metabolize in a proper way.

10. Seneb-health is a symbol of Ba. True health is for the soul as well.

11. We are energy beings. The mind is separate from the brain. If the mind (Ka) is dull and you are body oriented the body will be obstructed then the mind will also be obstructed.

12. Our genetic code has all the wisdom necessary to promote health. All humans need to do is put in the raw materials in order to have a viable body.

Part 2
1. Do not eat proper foods is disturbs the balance of the body.
2. Eating cooked foods clog up the physical mettu.
3. Eat green. Also traps the life force energy. (see serpent power, chakras)
4. Kemetic teaching food can relieve disease.
5. Food is the three types body mind and soul. I know what foods to feed the physical body. The mind needs to be fed spiritual things (Maat, wisdom, devotion and meditation). What do we feed the soul?

Part 3
1. Disease comes from the foods that we eat. Meat, fish, chocolate, ice cream and processed foods.

2. Fasting is part of the diet it allows the body to recover. Breathing is part of the diet taking in the life force energy through breath.

3. When we are aligned with the universe we will have no stress. We have stress because we rely on the ego to handle the problems of the world. When we become involved with worldly things to relieve stress we are actually delaying the inevitable because the unconscious mind does not relax. The only true relief is spiritual enlightenment.

4. Humans only need three things shelter, food and opportunity.