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Kp Scott

I hope everyone reading this is having a great experience and is staying blissful.
1- What is MAUI?
To think, ponder, fix attention or concentrate. (reflection)

2. the process of practicing yoga of wisdom
Listening, Reflecting, and meditation

3A. Steps in practicing yoga of action.
Learn ethics and law of cause and effect (Maat)
Practice cultivation of higher virtues
Devotion to the divine

3B. An Aspirant should think about ego based feelings as animalistic but can be overcame by the right focus and intentions. My personal battle with ego suggests that the ego makes mere suggestions and attacks the weaker points in the argument against the unrighteous actions and tries to persuade the aspirant to take action, kind of like the so called lucifer character in the christian texts. Depicted as the little devil on the shoulder of the protagonist in many cartoons, the ego has no actual control over the aspirant. The egos main job is to keep the aspirant distracted by illusions and delusions for however long needed to survive. The action path is very important and shouldnt be taken lightly. The Aspirant should focus on following the laws of Maat, Cleansing the self (ego) and taking righteous action while progressing in their spiritual journey. The Egoistic person will be concerned with fulfilling the needs of the ego, so that will be their action plan and more times than not they will be stuck in the same situation/ circumstances and will be wondering what went wrong and how but had the answer themselves all along.

4. If you dont learn the spiritual lesson the circumstance is there fore then you are basically stuck in the same type of circumstances until you “face the music” and submit to the power within.

5. By acting and moving like the gods and goddesses, a person can basically invoke the power/energy of that god/goddess and progress in the cultivation of divine consciousness.

6. Yoga Began in India- False

7. Many enlightened personalities from time to time indulge in recreational activities.

8. The Stagnation of the flow of energy throughout the body can result in mental and physical illnesses.

9A. The Kemetic term “Uaa” Means meditaion

9B. An aspirant should know they can rise above any conditioning or programming done to the mind if they actually do the work necessary to jump the hurdle. The same goes for the “externalized consciousness” the ego tries to make mere suggestions to influence or persuade the aspirant to take wrongful actions but it is ultimately up to the observer or aspirant to control and overcome these notions to become one with self.